Stripped down

Posted: December 17, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Just me. For all to see.



I am me. No more. No less.

And I deserve nothing less than the best.


I will not change. I will not beg. I will not cry.

But I can learn to compromise.


No matter where you may roam, in my heart you can call home.


I ask for love and respect.

Things a woman should expect.

I will not just “take what I can get”.

I deserve much more than that.


I desire your heart, and your soul.

The broken pieces, and the whole.


I ask for nothing, I cannot myself give.

In my heart, you now live.

Please take care, don’t trash the place.

Look me eye to eye, face to face.

If I am on this limb all alone, tell me now and send me home.

Up so high, tree so tall. I’m so afraid that I may fall.

Will you catch me, or watch me plunge?


I don’t ask for much and expect very little, yet I cannot stay here in the middle.

Love me or leave me, do not deceive me.


My heart is like an open book, read a chapter, take a look.

If what you see you do not like, please feel free to take a hike.


I am me. No more. No less.

I deserve the fucking best.


LMP 12/2012


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